Project summary: CHREAA, with funding from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), is implementing a project to sensitize communities with positive messages about Covid-19 vaccines so as to increase acceptance and uptake of the vaccines in central and southern regions of Malawi.

CHREAA is working with community radio stations, traditional and religious leaders and health officers in sensitizing the communities. The project is also facilitating Covid-19 mobile vaccine centres in rural communities.

Achievements: CHREAA has successfully facilitated more than seven mobile vaccine centres in the rural communities resulting in more than 200 people receiving Covid-19 vaccines who made their choice after getting sensitized.

The project, through the mobile vaccine centres, has reached out to people living in clustered communities who could not manage to travel to hospitals to get vaccinated.

The project has sensitized the communities with positive messages that dispel misinformation and misinformation on the Covid-19 vaccine.The project has also increased media awareness in rural areas on the importance of Covid-19 vaccines through community radio stations.