Meet Our Team


Victor Chagunyuka Mhango

Executive Director

Victor Mhango is the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA). He has vast expertise in human rights activism, prison advocacy, human rights for vulnerable and minority groups. He is also a member of the Malawi Inspectorate of Prisons, which is an institution established by the Constitution with the mandate to monitor the prison conditions.

His experience in research and advocacy is evidenced in the multiple publications and research projects he has worked on that have been centred around prisoner’s rights, minority rights and justice and the rule of law.

Ruth Thoko Kaima

Programs and Ligation Manager

Ruth Kaima is a Programs and Litigation Manager for the Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance (CHREAA). Currently pursuing a Master of Laws in Human Rights with University of London. She obtained her LLB(Hons) in 2019 and Diploma in Law in 2015 at the University of Malawi. She has undertaken human rights work for more than 15 years. She started her career in 2006 as a Paralegal Officer with the Paralegal Advisory Service and later worked as a paralegal and projects officer for CHREAA. Through the years, she acquired vast legal knowledge with specialty in Strategic Litigation, Criminal Law practice (Private prosecution and defence) and domestic litigation. Ruth has more than 8 years’ experience of research work (Social-Legal) with several published work. She also acquired vast knowledge in project management and advocacy.
Ruth Kaima has a passion in empowering the most vulnerable groups to demand redress of human rights violations whilst promoting the rule of law by ensuring that state actors are held accountable for Human Rights violations. She is a Legal Empowerment Practitioner, a member of the Grass root Justice Network and Legal Empowerment Learning Lab with the Bernstein Institute ( NYU).

Siphiwe Malihera

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Siphiwe Maliherah is the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at CHREAA, a role he has held since 2004. With extensive experience in journalism, law, information technology, and project management, Siphiwe plays a critical role in overseeing various projects and initiatives within the organization.

He began his professional journey in 2001 as a District Coordinator for the Civil Liberties Committee, a prominent human rights NGO. Over the years, he has earned numerous certificates in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Information Technology, and Information Management. In 2012, he further enhanced his expertise by obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Project Management from the ICM board of the UK.

Siphiwe also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and professional development across multiple disciplines.

Apatsa Mangwana Mhango

Paralegal and Projects Coordinator

Apatsa joined CHREAA in 2018 and currently serves as a Projects and Paralegal Coordinator. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Botswana in 2018, followed by a Masters in Women's Socio-Legal Studies from the Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women’s Law, University of Zimbabwe in 2022. With over 6 years of experience in the Human Rights field, her expertise encompasses a wide array of areas including research, sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), project coordination, child protection, gender-based violence, and human rights advocacy. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she has made significant contributions to academic discourse through the publication of several articles. Apatsa is also a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders under the Civic Engagement Leadership track.

Dave Karter Kanjiwa

District Projects Coordinator

Dave is a dedicated professional who joined CHREAA in 2021, bringing with him a passion for legal empowerment and access to justice. Currently serving as a District Projects Coordinator at the Dedza office, Dave demonstrates versatility and dynamism in his role. His expertise extends to IT, reflecting his enthusiasm for technology and its potential to enhance legal processes. A member of the prestigious YALI network, specifically under the Civic Leadership track, Dave is committed to making a positive impact in his community through his multifaceted skill set and dedication to advancing social justice.

Chisomo Mwasinga

Project Officer

With a freshly earned Bachelor of Laws degree and an Associate degree in Legal Studies, Chisomo stands as a dynamic force in the human rights sector, driven by an unwavering commitment to safeguarding and advancing human rights. Her journey commenced as a District Paralegal and Programs Officer at Nkhotakota Youth Organization, where she ignited her passion for human rights. Subsequently, she served as a Paralegal Officer at the Paralegal Advisory Service Institute, honing her skills and deepening her understanding of legal advocacy. As a Projects Officer at CHREAA, Chisomo focuses her efforts on child rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), demonstrating a multifaceted approach to tackling pressing societal issues. Her current projects include The Malawi Bail Project, Access to Paralegal Aid Services at One-Stop Center (child protection), and DVV, showcasing her dedication to impactful initiatives that promote justice and equality. Her role encompasses extensive legal and general research, highlighting her versatility and proficiency. Additionally, she actively engages in advocacy work across a spectrum of human rights issues, further emphasizing her commitment to fostering positive change in society.

Kondwani Banda

District Projects Coordinator

Kondwani Banda is a Project Coordinator who has been with Chreaa for over nine years, boasting extensive experience in fieldwork addressing human rights issues. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies.

Vivian Kasunda

Project Officer

Holds a Master of Laws Degree in Multidisciplinary Human Rights from the University of Pretoria, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree from North West University. She began her human rights career as an intern at the Centre for Human Rights – UP, South Africa. Passionate about research, she served as a legal Researcher and Reporter at the African Legal Information Institute. Demonstrating commitment to advocacy, she volunteered for organizations like the Interact Club in Botswana, United Nations Student Association (UNASA) in South Africa, NWU Law Students Council, and the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students in South Africa. At CHREAA, Vivian conducts Legal Research, offers legal advice to clients, facilitates stakeholder engagements, and heads Malawi’s CFCS Regional Project, funded by the UN-hosted Stop TB Partnership.

Timve Rene Kabichi

Finance and Administration Manager

Timve Rene Kabichi is a finance professional who began his career as a Storktaker Intern with the now-defunct Air Malawi Limited. He has worked in various corporate offices before joining CHREAA in 2015. Over the years, he has demonstrated in-depth knowledge in finance, complemented by a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from MUBAS, formerly known as "The Polytechnic." Currently, he serves as the Finance and Administration Manager.

Trensfore Chizenga

Accounts Officer

Trensfore Chizenga holds a Bachelor of Applied Accounting: Audit and Information Systems, he comes with 15 years of experience in financial and Audit management.
Before joining CHREAA, he worked with Simeon & Mathews Chartered Accountants as Finance & Administration Officer. Reunion Insurance Company as Assistant Accountant and Partner in Health (PIH / APZU) as Accounting Coordinator.

Thokozani Chisale

Administration Officer

Thokozani Chisale serves as an office assistant at the Chreaa head office. He earned his MSCE from Njamba Secondary School. Prior to joining Chreaa, Thoko gained experience at several companies, such as Van Guard Life Assurance and Mr Delivery, where he co-founded the latter.

Lisa Tembo Mbiri

Project Officer

Lisa, a dedicated human rights activist with over six years of experience, advocates for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Malawi, including sex workers, women, and children. Within CHREAA, she spearheads projects addressing human rights abuses, advocating for SRHR rights for women and young girls, and child protection. Notably, she is part of the team advocating for the decriminalization of vagrancy laws in Malawi, such as the unconstitutionalization of rogue and vagabond laws. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences in Social Work at the Catholic University of Malawi, Lisa also holds a Diploma in Journalism from MUBAS and is an alumna of the Young African Leaders Initiative.

Bertrand Mtileni


Bertrand transitioned from being a driving instructor to a driver at CHREAA. Currently, he plays a vital role in ensuring that staff members move around efficiently, which is essential for the smooth execution of our work.

Temwa Mhango Mataya

District Projects Coordinator

Temwa Mhango Mataya is a dedicated human rights activist with over eight years of experience in advocacy and legal support. Currently, she serves as the District Projects Coordinator and Paralegal Officer for the Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice, and Assistance (CHREAA) in Chikwawa District. Her role involves managing initiatives that promote human rights and provide legal assistance to vulnerable communities.

Temwa's extensive experience includes outreach efforts across multiple districts, where she has been instrumental in advocating for human rights. She holds a diploma in law from the Staff Development Institute in Mpemba, now known as the Malawi School of Government. Her educational background has been crucial in her work, providing her with the necessary skills to navigate the legal aspects of human rights advocacy.

Beyond her professional commitments, Temwa is passionate about community empowerment and personal development. She was a top 20 contestant in the Mrs. Culture Malawi 2023 pageant, a platform she views as an opportunity to engage in charitable works. Her involvement with Girl Up Elevate further exemplifies her commitment to supporting and uplifting vulnerable groups, particularly young girls.

Kesten Nyson

Project Officer

Kesten Nyson embarked on his journey with the Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance (C.H.R.E.A.A) in 2015. Since then, he has steadily ascended the corporate ladder while remaining steadfast in his commitment to addressing human rights abuses. His primary focus revolves around providing essential legal aid and guiding mediations.

Fueled by an unwavering sense of justice, Kesten channels his passion into advocating for the marginalized and oppressed in Malawi. Through his dedicated efforts at C.H.R.E.A.A, he endeavors to foster a society where everyone can freely exercise their rights without the shadow of fear or discrimination looming over them.

Boxten Takumana Kudziwe

District Projects Coordinator

Boxten T Kudziwe serves as the senior paralegal officer at CHREAA, stationed in Mwanza district. He holds a Diploma in Law from the Staff Development Institute (SDI), along with Diplomas in Education and Information Communication Technology (ICT). Additionally, Boxten is a Global Freedom Fellowship (GFF) fellow and advocates for global justice, championing safe spaces worldwide.

Brenda Khwale


Brenda Khwale is a dedicated and passionate human rights lawyer with a proven track record of advocating for the rights of marginalized communities over the past two years. She joined the organisation as an intern in 2022. With a particular zeal for women's rights litigation, she was selected as the Waging Justice for Women Fellow at CHREAA for the year 2023-2024, a prestigious placement supported by the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

Through this fellowship, Brenda leverages her expertise in research and litigation to drive CHREAA's mission forward, championing the protection and promotion of human rights for women. With a strong commitment to gender justice, she is a steadfast believer in the law's potential to effect meaningful change and promote human rights for all, particularly marginalised women.