The Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) receives complaints from clients who come to the office to seek legal advice and assistance. As an organization, CHREAA has the capacity to make follow-ups, mediate and refer cases received to the relevant authorities for assistance. CHREAA has been receiving almost all kinds of complaints, both civil as well as criminal. Some of the cases that we have been intervening are;


This category is dealt with by referring the cases to the Labour Office because the Labour Office has the mandate to handle the same. Once a case has been referred to the labour office, CHREAA only makes follow-ups where necessary. In instances where the client has reported that the labour office is not properly assisting them, they are advised to ask for a referral from the labour office to the Industrial Relations Court. .


CHREAA also receives issues concerning family disputes which includes child maintenance, property distribution, child custody and divorce. All cases to do with children are referred to the child justice court and on the other hand all other cases are also referred to the relevant courts. CHREAA through the paralegals follow up the case up to the end of the trial.


CHREAA has also been receiving and helping matters pertaining to land disputes. When the aggrieved party present its complaint, we summon the other party for mediation and if there seems to be no cooperation between the parties, the matters were referred to Land and Housing Offices. As a mediator, CHREAA does follow-ups with the relevant authorities and where there are delays, a referral letter to take the matter to court was asked. Below are some of the complainants that came to seek help at our organization.

4. MATTER OF (victims of road accidents)

CHREAA also has the capacity of helping victims of the above-mentioned matter. When clients come, CHREAA provides legal advice, then we help them with referral letters to the relevant authorities for assistance.  

5. Police abuse (Rogue and Vagabond)

CHREAA has also been receiving complaints from victims of police sweeping exercises. Despite that section 184(1) (c) of the Penal Code was declared invalid in the case of Mayeso Gwanda police are using other sections like being idle and disorderly in conducting sweeping exercises.