CHREAA with funding from Mott foundation is implementing a project intends to reach out to vulnerable groups in the communities of Chikwawa and Mwanza districts in accessing justice.  In these two districts, there are high levels of illiteracy and the people do not have to legal advice. Most people in these districts are not able to competently and vigorously demand their human rights as they are still not quite familiar with issues of rights and access to justice generally. CHREAA identified gaps between the formal justice system and the informal justice systems and the challenges faced by most poor and marginalized people in accessing justice in the targeted districts.

In addressing the current challenges being faced by the communities in Chikwawa and Mwanza districts, CHREAA is conducting; Mobile Legal Clinics, which are being run by Paralegals and trained Community Based Educators. CHREAA has also set up Community Court Users Committee, the committees are comprised of members from the formal justice system as well as local leaders/ representatives and CHREAA paralegals. CHREAA has also trained Traditional Leaders focal points persons/clerks who will be referring cases to paralegals or the formal justice system.

This project intends to achieve the following;

  1. To empower the community to know and demand their rights.
  2. To build positive linkages between formal and informal justice systems.
  3. To identify and litigate special cases that would assist in bringing law reform