In 2019, CHREAA with funding from Amplify Change, embarked on a project aimed at lobbying and advocating for the inclusion of menstrual hygiene packages in the Malawi Prison health budget for women and girls in detention. This was based on the fact that prisons hold over 300 female inmates most of whom cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. As such, they end up using small pieces of clothes or old pieces of blankets which are a health hazard and result in most inmates contracting chlamydia.

CHREAA engaged in massive lobbying for the inclusion of menstrual packages for the female inmates which was a great success.

Key achievements from this project included;

  1. An increase of K30 Million in the prison health budget to cater for menstrual hygiene products for female inmates.
  2. Donations of female hygiene products from charity organisations such as Root Charity
  3. Increased awareness about the plight of women prisoners.

Despite being a project that ran for a very short period, it achieved results that will benefit female prisoners in Malawi for many years to come.