They are three handsets for the toll-free line, one is the main line and the other two are hunting lines. We extended to two other lines because of demand for the service as many people kept calling from across the country. In a day, one handset receives an average of 40 calls. Cumulatively, in a day we are able to get 100 calls and translated into a month, it means we receive 2,000 calls monthly.

Through this line, all kinds of issues, be legal, education, GBV, counselling, labour issues and any form of human rights violations are handled by three paralegals. When these calls are received, we make sure the cases are followed up until they are completed and closed. It is through this hotline that sex workers are also assisted, and cases are treated with confidentiality.

Success story: Memory Fraction is one of the sex workers doing her trade at Chazunda, a hotspot in Blantyre. While doing her trade, she was approached by one of her clients known as Mr Chambo and, at first she did not know that the client was a Police Officer at Milare Police Station. The Police officer is a married man who lied to her that he was not and he assured her that if they start a relationship he will take care of her, in terms of food, clothing, shelter and also pocket money as long as she guaranteed him that she would only be involved with him alone.

Memory accepted and things were going well as planed but along the way, she discovered that the man was married. At the same time, she realized that she was pregnant. After the pregnancy, the man refused the responsibility and started threatening her that if he exposed him, he will make sure she is arrested even if did not commit any offence.

Memory was initially afraid to approach anyone but later she resorted to tell a peer educator who approached CHREAA through 331 and next day came to the CHREAA offices where the issue was discussed and it agreed to engage the Police officer. When CHREAA officers called him, he agreed to come to the office and discuss the matter and find way forward.

When he came it was agreed an agreement was signed that he will be responsible for child maintenance starting from the pregnancy until the child grows. He was also warned that if he does not honour the commitment, CHREAA would take him to court. As of now, he is responsible for the child and the mother and he is paying for child support.