Protection of sex workers’ rights is one of CHREAA’s earliest projects having been launched in 2011 with funding from OSF and OSISA in partnership with SALC. The main objective of the project is to reduce human rights violations and deal with any discrimination against sex workers and make sure the culprits are held accountable. The culprits can be law enforcers and also the society who discriminate against sex workers.

To promote and protect the rights of sex workers, CHREAA teamed up with Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), the Police and other stakeholders and also engaged the society in the fight against any discrimination that sex workers face.

Several activities were carried out such as Media Awareness Campaigns, Community Sensitization, Street Outreach and also Creative Space and Happy Hour. CHREAA managed to conduct two community sensitization meetings in Bangwe and Ndirande during which we went on the ground to meet both faith and community leaders, law enforcers and the community to discuss how they could fight against discrimination that the girls go through. Through these activities, CHREAA managed to change people’s perceptions about sex workers and these days, communities are able to live in harmony with sex workers.

CHREAA managed to conduct two activities with MSF; we visited the two clubs, Tikondane Care Group in Zalewa and Sex Workers Alliance in Dedza (SWEAD). The objective of the sessions was to empower the sex workers both on the law, and human rights and at the same time empower the girls economically.

CHREAA also managed to conduct an interface meeting between sex workers, vendors and the Police. The objective of the meeting was for the sex workers and informal traders to voice out the problems they face at the hands of law enforcers. The activity happened after Police raids in the city. Many girls were arrested, charged and told to pay for their release which many paid.