CHREAA is spearheading a project to bolster access to justice and enhance its delivery within local communities. This initiative centers on empowering communities and bridging the divide between the informal and formal justice systems. Targeting communities in Chikwawa, Chiradzulu, Dedza, and Mwanza districts, the project aims to fortify community resilience and ensure equitable access to justice for all.

A key facet of this project involves the training of 310 community paralegals who serve as grassroots advocates, providing legal guidance and support to community members. Additionally, CHREAA has conducted mobile clinics, reaching out to over 4,421 individuals in remote areas. These mobile clinics serve as vital platforms for legal education, consultation, and awareness-raising, empowering communities to assert their rights and navigate the justice system effectively.

Through these concerted efforts, CHREAA is fostering a culture of legal empowerment and community resilience, ultimately contributing to the promotion of justice and the rule of law in rural Malawi.