The organization manages a variety of projects and also addresses general complaints from diverse segments of society. In handling these general complaints, the organization employs various mechanisms, including mediation between complainants and defendants, providing legal advice, and referring complaints to relevant Institutions. These Institutions, with whom the organization collaborates to uphold human rights and the rule of law, include the Judiciary, Office of the Ombudsman, MHRC, ICC, Office of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Legal Aid Bureau, Labour Office, Police, District Commissioner’s Office and others. Throughout 2023, a total of 270 complaints were registered, with the highest number pertaining to Labour and Contractual Matters (67 cases), followed by Land and Property Grabbing (61 cases), Access to Justice (48 cases), Child Maintenance and Family Matters (45 cases), Gender-Based Violence and Child Abuse (26 cases), and the fewest being Criminal Matters (23 cases).