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Name Position
Victor Mhango, executive director for CHREAA Victor Mhango Executive director. Victor Chagunyuka Mhango is a Paralegal and a Child and Youth Worker by profession.He started Human Rights activism in 2000, he is a founder of the Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance (CHREAA). He is a leading Prisoners’ Rights Activist and a strong advocate for human Rights for Sex Workers in Malawi. He has been working with the Malawi Criminal Justice system in Malawi through the provision of Paralegal Services at Court, Prison and Police. He is currently spearheading the campaign to decriminalize the vagrancy laws in Malawi.
chikondi Chikondi Chijozi Litigation Manager
joy Joyness Dziwani Project Coordinator
vanessa Vanessa Manda  Project Coordinator
Boxten Kudziwe Boxten Kudziwe  Paralegal officer
Elton Maglassi Elton Maglassi Project Coordinator
Immaculate Maluza Immaculate Maluza Programes Manager
kho Kondwani Banda Paralegal officer
loveness Love Mpukusa Paralegal officer
siphiwe Siphiwe Malihera Monitoring and evaluation Officer
timve Timve Kabichi Accounts Assistant